Some of our titles have been translated into english. They include history books for adults and children, an environmental activity pack and a board game.

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Mother always said that one should never compromise with a house that does not like you. So it was a relief that "81" liked us...

17,50€ -10% 15,75€

An illustrated history of key archaeological sites in central Macedonia

25,00€ -50% 12,50€

An alphabetical intoduction to Cyprus' history and culture.

24,99€ -60% 10,00€

A unique educational kit, aiming at generating awareness among young people of the need for enviromental protection.

15,00€ -40% 9,00€

How well do you know this city? A guide for young people

10,00€ -60% 4,00€

A book to acquaint young readers with Cycladic sculpture and its relation to Modern Art.

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A book about the sixth Caryatid and the arguments for and against the return of the Parthenon Marbles.

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